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At US Export Direct, we pride ourselves on being the number one procurement resource for Caribbean-based Building Contractors and Retailers. 

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US Export Direct is the number one procurement resource for Caribbean-based building contractors. And we’re proud of it. We systematically coordinate with project managers and buyers to procure products at fair, competitive prices and provide on-time delivery to any port of choice.

Our Miami-based team respects every project budget and reduces the risk of untimely delivery. We routinely work with both commercial and residential building firms who value a stateside partner. And we’re committed to transforming requisition lists into on-time deliveries – each time, every time.

Our guarantee: Your building materials will arrive safely, with no hidden costs. We implement the highest service standard in the industry to provide top-grade customer satisfaction at all times. 

Send US Export Direct a lengthy requisition list, and leave the rest to us. We’ll scour the market to procure products and coordinate all logistics with the shipping lines. From the launch of your project to completion, our expert team is ready to serve you.

No more logistics problems. No more late shipments. Say YES to a procurement partner that delivers!

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More About US Export Direct

For over 20 years, US Export Direct has been a top ranking procurement resource for Caribbean General Contractors and Retailers. 

Proudly ranked as a Top 20 company by the Florida Business Journal and one of the fastest growing companies in Florida, we are truly your “one stop procurement shop".  We are unrivaled in performance and customer service.

We take pride in our solid foundation of customer satisfaction, from which all other inspiration radiates. US Export Direct has a unique and dedicated model of integrity and a “customer first” guarantee. From the foundation to the rooftop, we are committed to service excellence and 100% client satisfaction.

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